“Our packaging machines offer the necessary flexibility to supply tomatoes in practically all types of packaging.”

Customised packaging

Our packaging division LogiFour specialises in grading, packing and preparing various varieties of fruit vegetables such as tomatoes for dispatch.

This means we can always supply fresh tomatoes from our own greenhouses to customer specifications, but other fellow growers can also benefit from our expertise.

The packaging machines at LogiFour offer the necessary flexibility to supply tomatoes in practically all types of packaging (large and small). Our range includes different types of foils, net bags and trays.

Consumer packaging

Plastic tray with flow pack
Plastic tray with flow pack
Clamshell trays (different sizes)
Flow pack without tray
Net bag (different sizes)
Cardboard trays (different sizes)

Bulk packaging

Final packaging (different types)
Cardboard boxes for 6 kilos of loose tomatoes

Biobased packaging

Do you want to distinguish yourself from the competitors through environmentally friendly packaging? Then LogiFour is your ideal partner! In addition to conventional packaging, we also offer unique packaging made from a tomato stalk-based material from our own plants. This maximises the reuse of raw materials and contributes to the circular economy.

At the end of each tomato growing cycle, the leaves and stalks of the plant are left in the greenhouse. This organic residual material is combined with old paper fibre to make cardboard. The use of tomato fibres reduces the use of wood fibres in the manufacture of packaging, and the end result is also recyclable.


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Strict standards

Quality is paramount at Duijvestijn Tomaten and LogiFour, as is sustainability and good employership. To safeguard these principles, we have been awarded various certification, which is audited each year. This offers our customers the assurance that we comply with the strictest standards in terms of food safety, traceability, the environment, working conditions, safety and hygiene.