Our products

Our tomato varieties

We currently grow five, carefully selected varieties. Every year, we trial various tomato varieties for traits such as shelf life, flavour, firmness, texture, colour, uniformity and specifications. Only the cream of the crop can join our range.

Strong and beautiful ruby red
Excellent taste and shelf life
Outstanding flavour and beautiful ruby red
High fruit quality and outstanding flavour
Firm and full of flavour


Our packaging division LogiFour specialises in grading and packing various varieties of fruit vegetables such as tomatoes.

This means we can always supply fresh tomatoes from our own greenhouses, but we also pack them for other growers. Our packaging machines offer the necessary flexibility so we can supply tomatoes in practically all types of packaging.

Oven-dried tomatoes

We can process surplus summer tomatoes into oven-dried tomatoes and tapenades. These are carefully selected and harvested and then slowly dried by a sustainable drying oven. This ensures optimum retention of flavour and vitamins. The heat used by this oven is supplied by geothermal energy, so no fossil fuels are used for the drying process.

Frezta is exclusively sold by BidfoodVan GelderBezorggroenteBoerderijwinkel Zevenbergen en Rechtstreex.


Naast het telen van diverse soorten tomaten en tomatenproducten zijn we ook producent van het smaakvolle en gezonde voedselconcept Groentegoed: een nieuw soort beleg voor op brood en toast, boordevol groenten, zonder E-nummers en conserveermiddelen. De gebruikte groenten zijn bij voorkeur verspilde groenten en komen bij lokale telers vandaan. 

Het assortiment van Groentegoed bestaat uit: tomaat americain, kikkererwt naturel, kikkererwt paprika, pompoen roomkaas, komkommer groene kruiden en rode kool rozijn.