Duijvestijn Tomaten ‘verhuisd’

We are pleased to announce that as of today, we have a new address! Duijvestijn Tomaten and LogiFour have moved on paper from Overgauwseweg 46a, Pijnacker, the Netherlands to Komkommerweg 25, Pijnacker, the Netherlands.

Our company will remain at the same location, as we have only changed our address and the location of our entrance. The telephone number and e-mail address that is known to you will remain the same.

The newly constructed Komkommerweg road is located right beside our company and offers an alternative, faster route for traffic and freight traffic to and from the glasshouse area in Pijnacker-west. The connection to Komkommerweg road therefore increases our accessibility.

New address Duijvestijn Tomaten
Komkommerweg 25
2641 NH Pijnacker