Artificial Intelligence at Duijvestijn Tomaten

After Netflix, YouTube is also doing its bit and takes a look in our greenhouses for their new YouTube original series The Space Architects of Mars | The age of AI. with narrator Robert Downey jr.

The series is currently on YouTube Premium. In eight episodes, the viewer is taken on an informative exploration of A.I. One of these episodes is about the Dutch high-tech horticulture sector and in particular about our company.

The visit to our greenhouse was led by Leo Marcellis from the WUR (Wageningen University & Research). WUR is an important partner for us in our investigation of the (im) possibilities of AI.

During the tour, our colleague Richard Enthoven explains how, with the help of AI, he can continuously monitor and control the cultivation with all collected data.

View the item on Artificial Intelligence and robotics here. Duijvestijn Tomaten can be seen from minute 11.00 onwards.  

Source: Groentennieuws