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Duurzaam personeelsbeleid Duijvestijn TomatenSustainable personnel policy

The sustainable personnel is a prominent part of Duijvestijn Tomatoes. There is a HR Director appointed who is actively involved in human resources, where sustainability is central. Education is an important theme.


All members of the board have a personal development plan (PDP). Herein are personal objectives included. For Polish workers are Dutch language courses available. Every year some hygiene courses take place, and for the employees at LogiFour there is a forklift course. All employees will receive extensive information about new machines.


The company also uses a Job Coach, helping employees with learning disabilities to be coached so that they can develop within the company. The Job Coach is also used for employees who could use a little support for personal reasons.


In short, Duijvestijn Tomatoes sees employees as an important part of the company and invests in them to establish a pleasant working atmosphere and good performance.