Biobased Economy in tomato cultivation

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Biobased Economy at Duijvestijn Tomaten

Duijvestijn Tomaten is actively engaged with the subject ‘Biobased Economy’. This began September 29, 2011 with the signing of a manifesto. By signing this manifesto Duijvestijn Tomaten shows they are willing to make the transition to a biobased economy.


In short, the Biobased Economy works on the transition from an economy that runs on fossil fuels to an economy based on biomass as a raw material: from ‘fossil-based’ to ‘biobased’.


Biomass is ideally suited to replace fossil fuels for applications where carbon is essential, such as liquid fuels, materials and chemicals. Biomass has, compared with other fossil substitutes such as sun and wind, the unique property that it can be used to produce materials such as plastics, chemicals, cosmetics and medicines. So it’s not just about energy.


Duijvestijn Tomaten has worked on various innovations in this context. An example is the development of a packing made of tomato leaves.