Tomato varieties

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We currently grow three tomato varieties at our nursery. These have been carefully selected. Every year we test several hundred tomato varieties on shelf life, taste, firmness, structure, color, uniformity and specs. Only the best varieties are admitted to our range.





Prunus: strong and deep red

We have been growing the Prunus Roma tomato for several years now. Prunus is a very tasteful, plum-shaped tomato with beautifully shaped fruit. The tomatoes are strong, deep red and the shape of the fruit is very elegant: elongated and oval. This lovely variety is a great addition to our assortment!



Mediax: high fruit quality and very good taste

In addition to the plum tomato, we also grow the loose round tomato Mediax. This strong variety distinguishes itself by high fruit quality and a very good, full taste. Mediax gives long bunches and is further characterized by its beautiful, round and sturdy tomatoes with an even color. We are very enthusiastic about the great characteristics of this varierty. It is no coincidence that we have been growing it for a number of years now.



Golden Sweet: intense sweet with a fresh bite

New in our assortment is the yellow cherry tomato Golden Sweet. This variety produces large bunches of small, oval-shaped fruits, reminiscent of large grapes. The attractive yellow fruits are firm and juicy, with a soft skin and a sweet, full-bodied tomato flavor. An excellent tomato and an absolute favorite!