Biological crop protection

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Biological crop protection of pests and diseases

To protect the tomatoes against diseases and pests, Duijvestijn Tomaten uses organic crop protection. Biological crop protection controls pests and diseases with useful organisms (natural enemies) and natural pesticides. Here are three groups of useful organisms:

  • Predators (eg: predatory mites, predatory bugs, predatory beetles, predatory flies and predatory gall midges)
  • Parasites (eg: parasitic wasps and tachinids)
  • Micro organisms (eg: nematodes, fungi and bacteria)






Against any type of pest or disease Duijvestijn Tomaten uses a natural enemy. By using natural enemies the natural bio balance is kept in the greenhouse.
At the beginning of the cultivation season a plague is carfully put in the greenhouse on purpose to build a population. After that, natural enemies are put in the greenhouse as well to create a natural balance.