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Duijvestijn LogiFour

The start of LogiFour

A few years ago, Duijvestijn Tomaten established together with a group of fellow growers a so-called cluster of tomatoes. This cluster operates under the name LogiFour. Duijvestijn Tomaten plays a leading and facilitating role in the cluster.
The cluster LogiFour sees clustering as a flexible form of cooperation in which entrepreneurial growers seek cooperation to match a demand to their grown tomatoes.

Sustainable packaging

The innovative packaging department Duijvestijn LogiFour is a service department for retail, supermarkets, food service companies and wholesalers in the field of packaging and logistics of tomato products.


Duijvestijn LogiFour is a partner for its customers in the fields of logistics and packaging of food products. By keeping the links in the chain as short as possible and using excellent quality tomatoes, we can respond to the specific requirements of the consumers.


CofortaVerkoop_LI Selling tomato products

All tomatoes from Duijvestijn LogiFour are sold to The Greenery on behalf of Duijvestijn Tomaten. This is done through Coforta.


Duijvestijn LogiFour is working on a healthier planet