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Ensuring quality and sustainability

At Duijvestijn Tomaten, quality is paramount, as is sustainability and good employership. To guarantee this, we have a number of certificates that are reviewed every year. This offers our customers the certainty that we meet the strictest requirements in the field of food safety, traceability, environment, working conditions, safety, hygiene, etc.


We are BRCGS certified for our packaging company LogiFour. The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety is an internationally recognized standard in the field of food safety and focuses on the protection of consumers by providing a general basis for the assessment of companies that produce food. A BRCGS certification means that the legal obligation has been met and a high level of consumer protection can be guaranteed. More information about BRCGS





In addition to the BRCGS certificate, we also have an IFS Food certificate for our packaging company LogiFour. The International Food Standard is also an internationally recognized standard in the field of food safety and demonstrates that the organization meets the basic conditions for food safety. IFS certification contributes to an accurate analysis of the risks, their control and a continuous improvement of food safety. More information about IFS Food





PlanetProof certified companies meet extra-legal requirements and thus contribute to cleaner air, fertile soil, good water quality, more biodiversity on the farm and recycling. The independent environmental quality label proves that you buy a product that is produced more sustainably and is therefore better for nature, the environment and climate. More information about PlanetProof





The GLOBALG.A.P. label encourages the application of good agricultural practices and makes it clear to the consumer that the company produces food with a minimal environmental impact and is responsible for the safety and health of humans and animals. GLOBALG.A.P. is an internationally recognized standard for agricultural production, which guarantees the safe and sustainable production of food. More information about GLOBALG.A.P.





In addition to the GLOBALG.A.P. certificate we also have a GRASP assessment. GRASP is the worldwide applied social standard for the primary producer. The module is aimed at guaranteeing good working conditions and employership. An assessment is made as to whether the company meets the legal requirements in areas such as safety, personnel and payroll administration, safety, employee representation, the Working Hours Act, pensions and outsourcing of work. More information about GLOBALG.A.P. GRASP




Tesco Nurture is an integrated business management system and developed exclusively for the British supermarket chain Tesco. In addition to environmental standards, the scheme also includes requirements with regard to the shape, size, type and shelf life of the product. More information about Tesco Nurture