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It all started with Gebroeders Duijvestijn

Gebroeders Duijvestijn PijnackerGrowing tomatoes is at Duijvestijn Tomaten rooted in the genes. Ted, Peter and Ronald Duijvestijn bought the horticulture company in 1988 at the size of 15,700 m2 from their father. They gave it the name Tomato nursery Gebroeders Duijvestijn.
After several years the brothers knew they had to increase in scale to get a better position in business. This led in 1997 to the construction of a new greenhouse in Wateringen. At this time Remco Duijvestijn joined the company. The company had a area of 45,000 m2 with tomato plants.


Establishing LogiFour

Soon after the founding of the company in Wateringen it showed that the company still was too small to be a player in the trade market. This was the reason for the brothers to establish Duijvestijn LogiFour in 2001, through which it was possible to work with several growers to meet the needs of the customer. In this way, the company got a better market share.


New greenhouses in Pijnacker

The broad client base increasingly asked for more qualitative tomatoes from Duijvestijn Tomaten. This made the brothers decide to build a new greenhouse in Pijnacker. In 2004, the first tomato plants were planted in the new complex with a glass surface area of 10.5 hectares. In 2008 this glasshouse was expanded by another three acres, to a final glasshouse of 13.5 hectares.


With the construction of the new greenhouse in Pijnacker, the packaging department LogiFour was also moved to the new location. This has the adventage that all the tomatoes from the company can directly be sorted and packaged in the correct packaging. The location move from Wateringen to Pijnacker also meant that more and more tomatoes are packed in consumer packages. Delivering six-and four packs, net packaging and other consumer packages led for Duijvestijn Tomaten to be a worthy chain partner.


Choice for geothermal heat

Another milestone in the business is the start of the geothermal project in September 2010. The vision: ‘Sustainable… for a healthier planet’ became real by implementing the delivery of renewable, fossil-free heat. This investment made the company an expert in the field of sustainability in horticulture.


From Tomato Nursery Gebroeders Duijvestijn to Duijvestijn Tomaten

Gebroeders Duijvestijn - Duijvestijn TomatenIn 2012, the company has made ​​a name change. Previously the company was called tomato nursery Gebroeders Duijvestijn. The new name is Duijvestijn Tomaten.
Several developments in the field of innovation, sustainable production, flavorful tomato products, personnel and unburdening of customers have ensured that the company is more than ‘just’ a tomato nursery of four brothers.