Tomato varieties

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There are three tomato varieties grown at Duijvestijn Tomaten.


Prunus: strong and beautiful deep red
This year are plum tomatoes again grown at Duijvestijn Tomaten. We have chosen the breed Prunus. The choice of Prunus results from the wish of our customers to expand our assortment with a plum tomato. The tomatoes are strong and beautiful deep red. The shape of the tomato is lovely: oblong and oval. In short, a breed that is very welcome in our assortment!
Elanto: high fruit quality and very good taste
One of the top varieties from the selected range of sustainable Duijvestijn Tomaten is the loose round tomato Elanto. This tomato variety is difficult to grow, because the breed strongly reacts to the radiation of the sun. However, the breed has very good qualities, ie a very high fruit quality associated with a very good taste. With proper care and attention, this is truly a tomato variety of top quality.
Arvento: an excellent taste and beautiful color
Besides Elanto and Prunus, Duijvestijn Tomaten grows the variety Arvento. The loose round tomato Arvento is characterized by a great flavor and a nice, even fruit color. Also has the tomato variety beautiful, good and firm tomatoes. With the constant and good quality production, Arvento ensures a stable factor in the loose round tomatoes range.