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Certified sustainable

The quality assurance systems of Duijvestijn Tomaten ensure customers of responsible, correct operating procedures concerning product safety followed throughout all company processes.


Obviously, food safety is closely related to product safety. Duijvestijn offers products to Dutch as well as British supermarkets. We are focused on the higher customer segment. In order to deliver to the high-end markets several quality assurance systems are required.


BRC (British Retail Consortium)

Because Logi-Four also delivers directly to the retail sector, the BRC certificate is a prerequisite. For example, in the Netherlands, supermarket chain Albert Hein specifically demands this certificate. The BRC-norm only applies to sorting- and packing companies and therefore, referring to DuijvestijnTomatoes, the packing company Logi-Four acquired this certificate. The BRC-norm describes the hygiene and food safety demands on sorting and packaging food.


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Field to Fork

This certification scheme is implemented by Logi-Four to supply the English supermarket chain Marks & Spencer. This supermarket chain requires that growers, either by direct supply to M&S or indirect supply through a distributer, meet the demands of Field to Fork.


LEAF - Duijvestijn CertificeringenLEAF (Linking Environment And Farm)

Besides the above described certifications, Duijvestijn Tomaten also obtained the certificate LEAF. LEAF promotes environmentally responsible farming and is dedicated to ensure the continual provision of healthy, affordable food by conservation and reinforcement of the nature of the countryside.


Leaf stimulates farmers/ growers all over the world to implement Integrated Farm Management (IFM) and to inform customers on the benefits of IFM. Duijvestijn Tomaten highly values the environment and is committed to sustainable production. The LEAF certification underlines this notion.


For more information on LEAF, please click here



Tesco Nurture - Duijvestijn CertificeringenTesco Nurture

Tesco is a prominent supermarket chain in the United Kingdom. Duijvestijn Tomaten and Logi-Four supply Tesco. To supply Tesco, producers need to possess a Tesco Nurture certificate. This certificate is developed by Tesco to show society that Tesco is committed to sustainable operational management. Central elements are: quality, food safety, hygiene, environment and working conditions.


Tesco Nurture encompasses both the production process as the sorting- and packing activities.


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UK-Standard is established to meet the specific demands of the English market. The most significant requirements of this quality system are focused on quality, working conditions, cultivation, environment and product safety.




A vast number of European retailers requisite the GlobalGAP certificate prior to delivery. With this certificate growers can demonstrate and guarantee the food safety of the product delivered to the retailers. Traceability is an important element. Duijvestijn Tomaten and Logi-Four can comply with the requirements of the General Food Law. For instance, both companies are able to trace links one step forward and one step backward in the chain..


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Nature Counts

At the symposium ‘De duurzame toekomst’ on March 24th 2011, Duijvestijn Tomaten recieved the sustanability label Nature Counts. This label was presented to them by Philip Smits, CEO of The Greenery.


Greenery Nature Counts Duijvestijn Certificeringen
Growers, who are leaders in the field of sustainability, can be selected for the label. The most important themes are People and Planet. The candidates are judged on the criterias: Energy, Crop Protection, Nature & Landscapes, Transparency, Waste, Water and Employees. To be part of Nature Counts candidates must minimally score Excellent on one of the themes and Good on the other.


Duijvestijn Tomaten has recieved this label on geothermal energy, reducing CO2 emissions and dealing responsibly with employees. The jury described the motivation as follows:
“Duijvestijn has the fourth geothermal well in the Netherlands. They are thus fairly progressive. Another important consideration for the jury is that the brothers Duijvestijn have a longstanding energy expertise and various ways to address sustainability. Also as a training-facility the brothers Duijvestijn are getting great results. Therefor, this Nature Counts request, is a very versatile application.”


In summary, it is a very nice appreciation, that honors our work the past few years.


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