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Duijvestijn Tomaten Demonstratieproject Schoon en Zuinig

Demonstration Project: Clean & Efficient

End of 2011 Duijvestijn Tomaten started the demonstration project Clean and Efficient. The project is called ‘renewable energy deployment in horticulture’ and ends on November 30, 2014. Interest in geothermal energy in greenhouses and specifically the company is very large. The demonstration project will provide practical knowledge in this great need.


What is shown at this demonstration project?

In addition to the geothermal drilling much attention is given to the integration of geothermal energy in the total energy mix of the company. New plans including use of wind energy and the construction of a research greenhouse whith innovations such as double glazing and ‘The New Cultivation’ are explained and discussed by experts.


The activities in this project include the tour of groups, holding presentations and organizing knowledge exchange meetings with experts and colleagues. Information about the project will be communicated through traditional media (magazines) and new media (blogs, Twitter: @DuurzameTomaten and the internet).

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Demonstration Project: Clean & Efficient - Duijvestijn Tomatoes

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